Photography career tree

Some jobs that would interest me are Artist or portrait photographer.  I would like to become either one because they both spark my love for photography. I love to capture special moments; portrait photographers capture great lighting, and they also find the best locations/backgrounds. Another reason why I would love to become a portrait photographer is because I enjoy editing and seeing the progress of making the photos. I also would like to do black/white photography I think it brings out the best features in your face, you can also do sports portraits. I would love to become a sports photographer since I am an athlete and I love to capture moments off the courts.

I would love to work at San Diego because I plan on attending school there so it would be easier for me to capture photos. I think the salary would be high just because I’m doing sports and portraits and they do pay alot it also just depends on the location. I don’t have any other ideas on what I would likw=e to do because I would be busy with sports and I wouldn’t have enough time to do all of it at the same time but it would definitely be a side hustle/job for me.


Food photography

 This photo has great composition, and the colors are vibrant. I like the way they added flowers on the side to make the dish pop out more.
Has great composition, the lighting is perfect and I like the way the background is blurred and is only focused on the subject up front. The colors are very vibrant, I also like the way everything comes together.

Favorite photographer essay

Cameron Look

Cameron Look, also known as “Koolmac”, is a 28-year-old photographer from the bay area. He is a sports photographer and shoots from the court side of the court most of the times. The reason why I chose Cameron Look is because in the future if I don’t play college basketball, I would love to become a sports photographer and take photos of NBA players. I admire his work because his photos perfectly capture the special moments. Yet, few know his story, or he even picked up a camera in the first place. Like the players he shoots, you only know what you’ve seen on the gram where he posts most of his photography. Another reason why I chose him is because he gotten far through hard work, hustle, and has a whole lot of talent, and of course earning the trust of subjects. I love his style of photography he likes to see photography from a completely different lens, not only him taking the picture but what others see behind the camera. Cameron Look has creative composition, and I haven’t seen anything like that before from any photographers which I find really cool and admirable. I also like the fact that not only do I admire this photographer because of his photos but I also like this photographer because I get to be the athlete/player as well, so I know how it feels to be playing. Cameron Look enjoys telling stories and he isn’t cocky as a photographer, he’s humble and doesn’t get too excited. Another thing I like about him is that he doesn’t just want to shape basketball, he wants to shape digital sports photography and that applies to everything. He has a creative mind and wants to do more than just basketball and create branded basketballs. Cameron Look takes pride in his work , he transforms normal photography’s into unique artwork through color lightning and design.